find me in the ashes
im daria. 18 y/o and sydney sage is a queen.
'she was the heir of ash and fire and she would bow to no one'
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We are so much lovelier when we fall.

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[protect adrian ivashkov and sydney sage at all costs]

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‘‘ Is this how it starts? How I become like Keith?
—— Sydney Sage, Silver Shadows (via greeneyesivashkov)
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Derek Hale in ‘117’

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teen wolf  


I am crying are you crying

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"Who would you have as Lord of Winterfell, Snow?"
Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.”

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Anonymous mused
omg jack's my fancast for gansey too!! I understand what u mean by his gansey vibes haha

lol yes. i feel that they are  very similar in terms of personality traits. they both seem very mature and likeable and charming and its just ahhhhh. also when i read the books i pictured gansey having the same manerisms as jack like the way his mouth and hands move when he talks.

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His shoulders were soaked, she saw, and the rest of his clothing rain spattered, from a storm that hadn’t happened yet.

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